First Issue:  18th October 1969

Last Issue:  27th October 1990

Copyright:   IPC Magazines


Homage to Illustrated Chips

18th October 1969 saw the appearance of a new, two in one, comic which paid homage to an old British comic's favourite 'Illustrated Chips' which had ran from 1890 to 1953.

Stories in Whizzer:

Belle Tent, Bobby's Ghoul, Champ, Doodle, Happy Families, Joker, Lazy Bones, Me and My Shadow, Memory Banks, Minnie's Mixer, The Mummy's Curse, Mystery Museum, Odd Ball, Sid's Snake, Slowcoach, Store Wars, Strange Hill, Sweet Tooth, Sweeny Toddler, The 12½p Buytonic Boy AKA as Super Steve., The Bumpkin Billionaires, Timothy Tester, Tiny Tycoon, Toy Boy, Whizz Wheels, Chips.

Stories in Chips:

Bewitched Belinda, Beat Your Neighbour, Boney, Bookworm, Bottom Of The Class, Boy Boss (from Whoopee!), Buffalo Bill, Calculator Kid (from Whoopee!), Cocoa, Creepy Comix, The Double Deckers, Footsie the Clown, Fuss Pot, Ginger's Tum, Guy Gorilla, Hal's Holdall, Harry's Haunted House, Junior Rotter, Loser, Lucky Dick, Ma, Pa and Baby Ba, Mustapha Million, The Name Game, Phil Fitt, Percy's Pets, Police Dog and Cat Burglar, Sammy Shrink, Shiner, Super Dad, Toffee Nose (29 Jul to 23 Jun ), Town Tarzan, The Krazy Gang (from Krazy), The Slimms, Watford Gapp, Wear Em Out Wilf.

Adventure Stories:

Alfie in Africa, Archie's Angels, The Castaways, Danny Drew's Dialling Man, The Perils of Paul White, Pursuit of the Puzzler , Revenge of the Puzzler, The Space Accident, The Spectacular Adventures of Willie Bunk, Trip to Terror, Who is Sandy?, Wonder Car.

Whizzer and Chips with Krazy Comic or WCK

On the 22nd April 1978, Whizzer and Chips merged with its rival and stablemate Krazy comic to create an new three in one comic called Whizzer and Chips with Krazy Comic.


'Whizzer and Chips' No.1 - 18th October 1969

'Whizzer and Chips' No.2 - 25th October 1969

'Whizzer and Chips' No.3 - 1st November 1969

'Whizzer and Chips' No.4 - 8th November 1969