First Issue:  (Scotish Edition) 1st March 1975

Last Issue:  (Scotish Edition) 20th September 1975


First Issue:  (National Edition) 27th September 1975

Last Issue:  (National Edition) 3rd April 1976

Copyright:   IPC Magazines


Vulcan comic appears to have had a test run in Scotland lasting 30 issues starting on the 1st March 1975 and ending on the 20th September 1975. One week later the Vulcan national edition was launched on 27th September 1975 continuing the storylines from the Scottish edition. Because the strips in Vulcan  national edition continued directly from the Scottish edition, most readers joined the storylines in the middle and this fact may account for why Vulcan only lasted a further 28 issues before merging with Valiant on 10th April 1976. Ironically, many of the strips in Vulcan first appeared in Valiant.

Vulcan was essentially a reprint comic with Mytek the Mighty, Kelly’s Eye, Trigan Empire, Saber, The Steel Claw, Robot Archie, and the Spider coming from previous IPC titles.


Free gift with the first issue of the national edition of Vulcan 'Super potato Gun'