First Issue:  24th March 1979

Last Issue:  18th August 1979

Copyright:   IPC Magazines


Tornado issue number one appeared on 24th March 1979 and included a free gift of  a 'Turbo Flyer'. Stories in the first issue were 'Victor Drago', 'The Mind of Wolfie Smith',  'Angry Planet', 'The Tale of Benkei', 'Wagner's Walk' and 'Captain Klep'.

Victor Drago was thought to be based on the Sexton Blake stories and the name was changed due to a  copyright issue. If you read the story, there are plenty of clues including the number plate of Hugo's car reading SB 192. Tornado shared a similar fate to Starlord and joined 2000AD after 22 issues taking Wolfie Smith with it.


...Victor Drago

A Name That Struck Terror Into The Most Hardened Of Evil-doers

From The slums Of London's East End To The Teeming Waterfront Of Shangai

Drago Was The Private Eye Who Never Give Up A Case

Often Succeeding Where The Toughest Of Policemen Failed!


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