First Issue:  17th October 1970

Last Issue:  13th March 1971

Copyright:  Fleetway


With stories that included 'The Terrible Trail To Tolmec', 'Black Max', Cliff Hanger', Fury's Family', 'Dusty Binns', 'Phil The Fluter', 'The Spooks Of St Lukes', 'The Jet-Skaters', 'Steel Commando', 'Gauntlet Of Fate', 'Sam' and last but not least the memorable 'Adam Eterno' Thunder comic clapped it way on to the shelves in October 1971.

The character of Sam was in fact a reprint of the character Biff that first appeared in Wham comic no.1 dated 20th June 1964 (Leo Baxendale).

Thunder's life was to be short, lasting just 22 issues before being subsumed by its elder stablemate, the carnivorous 'Lion' with Lion and Thunder dated 20th March 1971.




The First Issue Of Thunder Saw The Debut Of







'ADAM ETERNO' Doomed To Wander Through The Pages Of Thunder, Lion And Valiant For At Least Six Years