First Issue:  4th March 1922

Last Issue:  13th January 1973

Copyright:  DC Thomson



 'The Rover' was the sister paper to Adventure and was the second publication of what was eventually to become known as DC Thomson's big five. The other storypapers were 'The Adventure',  'The Wizard', 'The Skipper' and  The Hotspur.


'The Rover' is particularly famous for the text stories that later went on to become famous strips in comics such as Hornet, Valiant and Victor. Alf Tupper, star of 'Tough of the Track' started life in text form inside the pages of 'The Rover'. 'The Rover' was rich with the exploits of not only 'Alf Tupper' but also 'Morgyn the Mighty' and 'Matt Braddock'. The DC Thomson story papers were a rich vein of material to be used later in their comic publications. 

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