First Issue:  17th September 1904

Last Issue:  18th May 1940

Copyright:   Amalgamated Press


The Butterfly comic ran for 36 years and during its run introduced the readers to many favourites including 'Mick and Molly' (Roy Wilson), 'Steve and Stumpy' (Roy Wilson), 'Buffalo Bill' (Ned Buntline), 'Spotsem and Getsem' (Cyril Price) and 'Jolly Jack Robinson' (Bertie Brown) Also by Bertie Brown was the story of 'Smiler and Smudge' (pictured).

'Smiler and Smudge' was the story of the friendship between a white boy called 'Smiler' and a black boy called 'George Washington Septimus Smudge'. Latter adventures included them terrorising their schoolmasters Dr. Cake and Monsieur Mugwump. As you can see from the image, the portrayal of the black boy is quite racist and offensive and reflects discrimination prevalent in that time period. In this respect, comics and story papers can be considered social documents.

Smiler and Smudge

The Butterfly Number 714


The Butterfly Number 1088


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