First Issue: 8th February 1978

Last Issue: 31st May 1986

Copyright: Marvel UK


New street, Birmingham 1977, I had just left the cinema and was looking up to the skies for spaceships and aliens. I was just ten years old and was unaware that I had just seen a film that would become so iconic that it would become part of pop culture for decades to come. In fact, the world famous Carnival that takes place in Cadiz, Spain every February often includes dancing Storm troopers.

Like Star Trek, Star Wars would go from strength to strength and spawn numerous films. As well as films, there were also comics and following the film's appearance in British cinemas in December 1977, a UK comic quickly followed. The first issue of the UK comic 'Star Wars Weekly' appeared dated February 8th 1978. The front cover showed Luke Skywalker with a light saber and Princess Leia behind him.

'Star Wars Weekly' ran for 117 issue before being renamed 'The Empire Strikes Back Weekly'. The comic continued with the same number sequence with the first issue of 'The Empire Strikes Back Weekly' being number 118.



'Star Wars Weekly' First Issue

 Marvel Group Comics

First Valuable Issue

February 8th 1978

Enter: Luke Skywalker! Will He Save The Galaxy Or Destroy It.

Free Inside - A cut-Out Star Wars X-Fighter

Enemy Fighter Next Week

10 Pence


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