First Issue:  10th March 1973

Last Issue:  5th October 1974

Copyright:   IPC Magazines


2 comics in one, double the fun! Shiver and Shake issue number one appeared on 10th March 1973 and included a ' Free Practical Joke'. One of four alternate free gifts. 'Which one will you get?' the comic asked. Stories in the first issue were Frankie Stein (Ken Reid) who had made his first comic appearance in Wham no.4 dated 11th July 1964, The Dukes Spook, Scream Inn Biddy's Beastly Bloomers, Who'd Kill Cockney Robin?, Shake, Lollypop (Sid Burgon), The Desert Fox, Gal Capone, The Fixer, Match of the Week, Cowboys Versus Injuns, Damsel in Distress, Tough Nutt & Softy Centre, Jailbirds, Sample Simon, Moana Lisa, The Hand, Soggy the Sea Monster, Sweeny Toddler (Leo Baxendale), Horronation Street, Adrians Wall and Ye Haunted Lake.

The layout of the Shiver and shake comic followed the same format as it's stablemate Whizzer and Chips with two rival comics in one. The first comic Shiver was edited by 'Shiver' the ghost whose first words to a terrified boy on the front cover were 'Helloooo my comic is haunted!' The other comic was edited by an elephant called Shake, why wouldn't it be? Shiver and Shake survived just 83 issues before it's merger with Whoopee comic dated 12th October 1974


'Frankie Stein from Shiver and Shake'


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