First Issue:  24th September 1977

Last Issue:  25th February 1979

Copyright:   DC Thomson



With a long distinguished career as a member of the 'Bash Street Kids', Percival Proudfoot Plugsley made his long awaited appearance in his own comic on 24th September 1977. Stories in the first issue of Plug comic included: Antchester United who were a football team of insects managed by Mat Bugsy with players called Stirling Moth, David Larvae, Brian Greenfly, Gnat Lofthouse, Mantis Buchan, Crawlin Todd, Francis Flea, Spider Webb, George Beastie, Kevin Beetle, Anty Gray, Mike Summerbee. Mat Bugsy was proud of most of his signings which were mostly Flee Transfers.

Other stories in the first issue of Plug comic included Hugh's Zoo, Tony Jackpot, First Ada, Digby - The Human Mole, Eebagoom, Sea Urchin, Ava Banana, The Games Gang, The Bandshees, Supporting Life, Lumpy Gibbon, Gnoo Faces and Plug.

Also in the first issue was 'Rabbit Hole' a chance for readers to rabbit on about their pet hates. Readers! Send in your moans right away.

Unfortunately Plug comic, which was edited by Ian Gray, only ran for ran for 75 issues and later merged with The Beezer.






Readers also had the opportunity to join the 'Plug Sport's and Social Club' and get two Supergoon Badges plus a Fabulous Folding Sports Chart.


















PLUG (strip)