First Issue:  16th October 1976

Last Issue:  15th April 1978

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Do Not Be Caught Reading This In Class!

Krazy issue number one appeared on 16th October 1976 and included a free gift of 'Krazy False Teeth'. Stories in the first issue were 'Krazy or Krazy Not?', 'Handy Andy', 'Krazy Dictionary', 'Fit Fred & Sick Sid', 'Scaredy Cat', 'Paws', 'Big Game Hunter', 'The Krazy Gang', 'Ray Presto', 'Ello It's Cheeky' and 'The Krazy Gang in Kidnap Capers'.


The First Issue of Krazy Came With Krazy False Teeth


Ray Presto


Ello It's Cheeky

The 12½p Buytonic Boy

Krazy ran for less than two years before merging with its long running rival, Whizzer and Chips on 22nd April 1978.