First Issue:  20th January 1973

Last Issue:  4th January 1975

Copyright:   DC Thomson


Buzz issue number one appeared on 20th January 1973 and included a free gift of a 'Pop Pistol'. Stories in the first issue were 'Hop, Skip & Jock', 'Nobby', 'Harum-Scarem!', 'Billy the Kidder', 'Tich & Snich', 'Gus the Galoot', 'Olly's Occy', 'Big Fat Flo', 'Monty Money Bags', 'Skookum Skool', 'The Twitz of the Ritz', 'Fred the Flop', 'Wig & Wam', "Willie the Wizard', 'Nero the Zero' and 'Calamity Kate'.

Free gifts included a 'Pop pistol' in the first issue, 'The Big Buzz Banger' in the second issue and in the tird issue there was 'The Whoop Whistle'.

 Buzz comic ran for only 103 issues before being merged with Topper comic. The First issue of Topper and Buzz was dated 11th January 1975.


The Twitz of the Ritz


Skookum Skool - Calamity Kate - Nero and Zero


'The Big Buzz Banger' - Free Gift Issue Number 2 of Buzz Comic