First Issue:  18th January 1958

Last Issue:  17th February 2001

Copyright:   DC Thomson


The older sister of 'Mandy', Bunty issue one dated 18th January 1958 came with a free gift of a 'Ladybird' ring. Stories in the first issue were 'The Four Marys', 'Uncle Tom's Cabin', 'Girl Of the Islands', 'Bimbo and her Baby', 'Dancing Life of Moira Kent', 'Parachute Nurse' and 'Pocahontas'.



The Bunty Comic Limited Edition Stamp




The Four Marys were Fieldy (Mary Field), Cotty (Mary Cotter), Simpy (Mary Simpson) and Raddy (Mary Radleigh)


Free Gift Number 2 of Bunty - This Pretty Pink Ring

Pretty and Cute! It's a Beaut

Girls! See What You Get in Next Week's Bunty

One of These Frooty Pendants

Plus News of Another Free Gift

On Sale Monday 14th September