First Issue: 16th April 1921

Last Issue: 24th May 1941

Copyright: Amalgamated Press


Bubbles the Boy Clown (Freddie Crompton) was the star of his own comic 'Bubbles'. 'Bubbles And His Clever Pets' who were five dogs called 'Jock' the Scottie terrier, 'Pinkie' the pug, 'Pat' the Irish hound and twin puppies called 'Tinkle' and 'Tiny'.

Bubbles and his dogs were all dressed in clown costumes and the dogs could not only talk but would also write up their weekly adventures for the comic, 'Clever Pets'.


'Bubbles' Comic Annual 1931


'Bubbles' Comic First Issue 16th April 1921

Big Coloured Balloon Inside

2 Pence