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25th February 1961 DC Thomson 21st November 1992
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The Victor  number one appeared on 25th February 1961 and lasted for 1558 issues. The first issue saw the appearance of "I Flew with Braddock" (George Bourne).  "I flew with Braddock" was the story of war hero, Sergeant - Pilot Matt Braddock whose wartime exploits had won him the Victoria Cross and Bar amongst many other medals. With the aid of pictures, the Victor brought to life the famous story of Matt Braddock as told by his flight navigator, Sergeant George Bourne. The story of Matt Braddock had originally first appeared in Rover no. 1414 (2nd August 1952) as a text story. Although highly decorated for his valiant deeds, Braddock was only interested in getting on with the war and winning it.

The use of Rover text stories as strips in Victor was not just confined to "I flew with Braddock". Rover (1949) saw the appearance of "The Tough of the Track" in serial form. Alf Tupper (Pete Sutherland), as he was better known, was a welder's apprentice who loved to run. Alf, who came to Victor in 1962, would often go running in odd running shoes which he would buy out of his meagre earnings. Alf's prowess at running soon made itself apparent when he won the mile for Greyshire in the Inter Counties Contest at the White city.

Alf Tupper

The Victor had numerous war and sport related stories and a number of humorous stories including "Cecil the Stone-age Scrapper" (Bagnall) which told the story of Pete Pringle who found a stone - age man frozen in a block of ice. Pete thawed out the stone - age man, named him Cecil and taught him to box. Yaroosh!