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21st January 1967 DC Thomson 30th December 1995
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It would be remiss of any discussion about British comics not to pay homage to the British girls’ comics. Iconic above all others was Mandy comic which appeared in 1967. In her blue dress, yellow matching shirt sleeves and Alice band, Mandy made her first appearance on the front cover in January of that year. Mandy comic was a mixture of girls’ stories usually involving the heroine overcoming adversity, trials and tribulations that would translate neatly into a Barbara Taylor Bradford novel such as 'Woman of Substance'. A plethora of girl’s comics soon followed but the comic now has place in the hearts of many adult women.

Stories in Mandy included:

Glenda the Guide, Skeleton Corner, The Sorrows of Laughing Anne, The Songs Of Melody Jones, Very Important Pupil, Hockey Hannah, The Girls of Knock-Out Academy, Friend of the Lonely, Father Must Go Free!, Jenna on the Run, No Pity for Paula, No Friends for Freda, When Susie Sneezes, Wendy Won’t Win!, Rose Among The Thorns, A Girl Called Rowan, A Tale of Two Families, Aunt Kate’s Household Companion, Hard Hearted Harriet, Heartbreak School, Here Come the Mini-Mounties!

Our Very Own Princess!, Who is Judy Parker?, Saucepan Cindy, She’s My Friend!, Smash-Hit Cindy, The Children Came Too!, The Double Life of Sad Sarah, I Can't Stand my Sister!, The Double Life of Dolly Brown, The Girl Who Can’t Cry!, The Lying Eyes of Linda Lee, The Sad Spells of Fay Martin, Wanda’s Weather Stone, Polly's Perfect Mum, Lucy's Loving Cake, The Truth About Wendy, The Doll of Doom, The Guardian Tree, Eyes for Mary, Elsie's Elephant, Little Miss Icicle, Lucky (Lucky the Cat), The Secret Song of Kate Darby, Simon, Slaves of the Mill, Space Dog U2, The Truth About Sandy Starr, With Love from Lindy, A Horse for Holly, Beware of Beryl!, April Fool, A Switch in Time, Aunts at War!, Bad Luck Barbara.

Best Friends!, Birds of a Feather, Can’t Help Dancing, Double Trouble, Ellen of Elmwood Farm, Gwen’s Goats, Pippa’s Paper Round, Beth and Boy Georgie, Big Bad Sister!, Bonny and Belinda, Caesar and Cleo, Carol's Cauldron, Carrie Chase, Girl Reporter!, Copy Kate!, The Courage of Honour Bright, The Double Life of Julie-Ellen, The Homecoming, The Singing Hinneys, Late Kate, Little Horror!, Mary’s Moneybank, Meg Among the Slaves, Melinda, You're a Marvel, Mighty Minnie, The Lies of Lara, Mollie the Music Maker, My Team’s the Best!, No Dogs Allowed!, Once Upon a Rhyme, Queen of the Caves, The Ring of the Red Witch, Mona's Monkey, My Dad Next Door, Perri, Secret Star!

Shed No Tears for Tammy, Sleeping Beauty from the Stars, That Bad Bettina!, The Many Faces of Moppet, The Posy Princess, The Tribe at Number Ten, The Truth About Mum, Too Many Mums!, Topsy Turvey, Very Important Person!, Wedding of the Week, Daughter of the House, Roll-along Roma, The Whispering Shell, A Home for Helen, Cat!, Frankie from the Film, Malice in Wonderland, My Cousin Quacker, Pam of Pet Parade, Rita, Selfish Susan, Susan’s Secret, Swim, Sally – Swim!, Swinging Sue.

Sharing Starlight -, Sisters in Secret, They Must Stay Together, A Switch in Time..., Behind the Green Door, Copycat!, Diary of Despair, Door to Yesterday, Fran's Four Friends, , Ghost Writer, The Girls of 3C, The Girl Who Hated Horses!, Hannah and Herbie, Johnnie Who?, The Jinx, Lady Lucy, Lonely, Mary's Mini Mum, The Mask, My Mum, Nola Knows, Our Baby Brother, The Rescuer, Rosa's New Friend, Sarah's Secret, Fair Shares, Sorry, Sue -, Strange Neighbours, Summer of Fear, Tessa Goes to Town, Us - Plus Boys!, Wendy Out West, , What Lila Wants..., Between Friends, Classmates, Cuddles, Cutting Edge, Double Take, Fast Fido, Hands Off!, Happiness House, Home, Sweet Home, I Hate Boys!, I’ll Show My Brothers!, Neil Next Door, Nurses, Sara's Secret Garden, Second Hand Sal, Stage School, Taking Tara's Place, Terry's Troll, Two Plus One, All Change!, Deceived!, I Hate You!, I Want Him Back.

Revenge!, Rhona’s Rescue, My Best Friend?, The Girl for Gareth, The Lonely Pony, Toni’s Troubles, Mystery Boy, Be Nice to Nikki, Eye Spy Trouble, Here to Stay, He's Not For You!, It's a Dog's Life, The Mystery of Mavora, Let Me Be!, Pine Tree Grove, Soap Suds, Whodunnit?, Angel, Everyone's Perfect Mum, A Slave Called Sandra, I'll Take Care of Tina!, Jonny Comet, Jumpers’ Journey, Jumping Jackie, Lanky Liz, Lily’s Pink Drink, Hateful Hattie, The Jealousy of Jemma, Picture-Book Polly, Terry and her Trike, The Quiet One, They Call it Aggro-batics!, Valda, Wendy's Web, Who Hates Steve?

Collector Katie, The Millpark Mystery!, Nobody Knows My Face!, Slave to Love!, The Simpsons in the Sky, The Third Wish, The Girl With No Name, That Girl’s Me!, Toys!, Stella Starr, Hilary of the Happy Bus, You Little Monkey!, Love Thy Neighbour!, Little Frankie, Little Stranger, Lucknow Lucy, Mary and Her Marvellous Machine, Marvel Mouser! -, No Boy for Becky, Mini-Mum!, My Awful Sister!

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£9.99  includes UK P&P


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