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2nd November 1951 Hulton / Longacre 3rd October 1964
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'The New Super-Colour Weekly for Every Girl' headlined the front cover of the first issue of Girl, sister paper to the Eagle, dated 2nd November 1951. With the emphasis on all girl action, Girl introduced a number of memorable heroines including 'Kitty Hawke and her All Girl Aircrew'. Girl ran from 1951 1964.

The Best of Girl Annual - The Eagle's Sister

'Wendy and Jinx' were best friends at 'Manor School' and took over the front cover spot from 'Kitty Hawke and her all girl air crew'. With the aid of their form mistress Miss Brumble AKA Bumble-Bee and and friend Nasrullah known as Dusky, 'Wendy and Jinx' by Ray Bailey graced the front cover of 'Girl' from 1952 until 1958 when they moved to the interior pages.

'Kitty Hawke' by Ray Bailey was the story of the all girl aircrew led by the daughter of the owner of Hawke Airlines.  With second officer Winifred 'Windfall' White, Radio Officer Jean Stuart and Navigator Patricia D'Arcy Kitty Hawke's mission was to prove to her dad that she and her pals could operate the planes as efficiently as the men.