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The Beezer comic

First Appearance:


Last appearance:
21st January 1956 DC Thomson 21st August 1993
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Large selection of Beezer comics available - email for details.

The broadsheet sized first issue of 'The Beezer' first appeared 21st January 1956 and introduced the carrot topped 'Ginger' (Dudley Watkins) to the comic world. Other debutants in the first issue were 'The Voyage Of The Bushwhacker ', 'Mick On The Moon', 'Lone Wolfe' by Ron Smith, 'Pop Dick and Harry' by Carmichael, 'Nosey Parker' by Allan Morley, 'Nero And Zero', 'Calamity Jane' by Hugh Morren, 'The Banana Bunch' by Leo Baxendale, 'The Hillys And The Billys' by George Martin, 'Big Ed The Heavyweight Chump', 'Charlie Chick Up to Every Trick', 'Mumbo And Jumbo', 'The Pair From The Jungle', 'Smart Alice She Knows All The Answers', 'Shorty The Happy Little Chappy' and 'The Kings Of Castaway Island' by James Walker.